Friday, 11 March 2011

50% of online Australians have access to the mobile internet

"While use of the internet amongst the Australian population has reached maturity, the online landscape is at a turning point, as another dimension is gaining significant momentum.  That of the internet-connected mobile device – whether this be smartphones, tablet computers, eReader, connected games devices or some other hybrid forms likely to emerge, according to the Nielsen Australian Online Consumer Report, released today.
The Nielsen Online Consumer report shows that Mobile internet, for the first time, reached 50% penetration amongst online Australians in 2010, and while consumption is currently modest, based on intended uptake there will be surge of activity taking place in 2011.  From social networking to simultaneous media consumption, the report shows that Smartphones are becoming an important stimulant to driving overall online activity.
Penetration has already surpassed a third of online Australians, and with ownership intentions high over the next twelve months, smartphones are expected to have a big impact on the evolving behaviours of consumers."
Source:  Press release from Nielsen Online, 9th March 2011

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