Monday, 1 February 2010

A census of files available via BitTorrent

"File types
46% movies and shows (non-pornographic)
14% games and software
14% pornography
10% music
1% books and guides
1% images
14% could not classify"

99% of material infringed copyright:
"Overall, we classified ten of the 1021 files, or approximately 1%, as likely non-infringing, This result should be interpreted with caution, as we may have missed some non-infringing files, and our sample is of files available, not files actually downloaded. Still, the result suggests strongly that copyright infringement is widespread among BitTorrent users."
Source: Assessment of 1021 files avaiable on BitTorrent by Sauhard Sahi, a Princeton senior, reported by the Freedom to Tinker blog, 29th January 2010

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