Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The UK Home Entertainment market was worth £2.24bn in 2015

"The latest insights into the home entertainment industry have been revealed at the BASE MESA Entertainment Summit. As over 300 guests from across the industry representing stakeholders from the UK, Europe and US, gathered at the event which brought together the BASE Category Showcase and the MESA Transforming Home Entertainment Summit under one roof.
Analyst firm Ampere Analysis, which specialises in big-data analytics around home entertainment, pay and multiscreen TV as well as next-generation content distribution, opened the event with analysis covering physical and digital formats, highlighting a £1.3 billion opportunity for film and TV as economic growth outpaces spending on entertainment.
The UK Home Entertainment category was valued at £2.24 billion (€2.65bn) in 2015, performance across 2016 has been steady with premium products performing well. A strong line up of diverse content spanning blockbuster franchises through to special interest comedy is expected to close the year with further growth.
Key programme highlights from across the event included: Luke Bradley-Jones, Director of TV and Content Products at Sky, who in a presentation entitled ‘The Digital Ownership Opportunity’, shared insights into the Sky Store Buy & Keep service and the potential that it sees for digital ownership in the home entertainment market."

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