Friday, 17 April 2015

The average Netflix subscription watches over 50 hours on Netflix per month

“Video streaming pioneer Netflix Inc added more subscribers than projected in the United States and abroad during the first quarter, news that sent its shares up nearly 12 percent on Wednesday.
Net subscriber additions rose 22 percent year-over-year to 4.88 million in the March quarter, beating the company's forecast of 4.05 million.
The company that shook up television with original shows such as "House of Cards" has been aggressively building its overseas presence as growth slows in the United States. It launched services in Australia and New Zealand in the quarter and expects to start in Japan later this year.
Netflix added 2.6 million customers in its nearly 50 international markets in the quarter ended March 31, bringing the total to 62.27 million users worldwide.
Customers spent more time than ever watching Netflix, streaming 10 billion hours of programming in the quarter, the company said.”
Source:  Reuters, 15th April 2015
10bn hours over 60m subscribers = 166 hours per quarter
(So that’s over 50 hours per subscription per month…)
Note that each subscription can use up to six devices, so potentially multiple users and anecdotally people give their spare places to friends and family

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