Monday, 2 February 2015

50% of the TV ads during Super Bowl 2015 had hashtags

"Fifty percent of 2015 Super Bowl ads carried hashtags, a bit of a slip from the record 57% during the 2014 game. Facebook was the social network most mentioned, though mentions of specific social networks were again very sparse.
The numbers are from our fourth annual Hashtag Bowl count of social media mentions during the Super Bowl. We only counted ads shown nationally, and only ads from after the kick-off until the game was over.
Promos for shows on NBC, which carried the Super Bowl, were not included. Our scoreboard at the top of this article has the final count, but here’s the summary with percentages, based on a total of 56 national ads reviewed.
The Count & Facebook’s Second Win
Hashtags: 28 total, 50% of ads overall
Facebook: 4 total, 7.1% of ads overall
Twitter: 3 total, 5.3% of ads overall
Snapchat: 1 total, 1.8% of ads overall
URLs: 25 total, 44.6% of ads overall
For the second year running, Facebook edged past Twitter to be the most mentioned social network"

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