Friday, 20 June 2014

Twitter and TV led to increased brand awareness than TV alone

"Various research methods, including Nielsen’s Brand Effect for Twitter, Datalogix’s matched household modeling, Twitter’s in-Tweet surveys and sophisticated social listening data, have been employed to track results spanning 15 US-based SMG clients’ brand campaigns as well as general social TV engagements.
Results confirm that social TV is here and the opportunity to use it to enhance and amplify brand experiences is only getting bigger. Thus far, lab results demonstrate that Twitter’s ability to amplify significant cultural moments, far beyond original broadcast audiences.
1. Twitter + TV = Increased Brand Awareness vs TV Alone. For brands that used Twitter alongside their TV advertising, the study found on average a 6.9% increase in awareness for exposed audiences and significant increases for exposed and engaged audiences across awareness, intent and favorability measures.
2. Twitter Amplification = Sales Lift. For the brands that measured sales impact, we saw sales increases of 4% on average in households exposed to ads on Twitter and TV vs just TV ads alone.
3. The Twitter / TV Multitasker is Here – and TV Ad Recall is High for them. Only one quarter of tweeting occurs during the ad break, and it was highest during reality shows (27%). This supports existing Twitter research that found viewers who are actively engaging in social media while viewing TV are genuinely paying attention to both screens as TV show tune away is less and ad recall was higher for TV Twitter multitaskers.
Our results found that television ad recall was also 13% higher among Twitter users versus non-multitaskers.
4. Real-Time TV Content Engagement is on Twitter. Tweeting about events/shows is higher (20%) than “general browsing” about a specific event/show (15%.) In addition, most tweeting happens when something in show/game/ad is worthy of a tweet (70%).
Results underscore that content is paramount with consumers today, and with well-planned, powerfully viral, topical executions, it is possible to extend reach significantly beyond original viewing audiences."

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