Wednesday, 18 June 2014

In-store beacons drive interactions with ads

"If the writing was not on the wall already that the use of proximity-aware beacons was the future of retail, now we have some data to back it up.
According to a study by inMarket, the use of beacons (Apple brands these as iBeacons, and has already shipped millions of capable devices) in retail stores caused a 19x increase in interactions with advertised products, a 16.5x increase in app usage in-store and a 6.4x increase in the likelihood that a shopper kept an app that sent them a beacon message on their phones.
Those stats are incredibly impressive. inMarket says it measures interactions in that customers are picking those physical products up and scanning barcodes. There’s no info about raw numbers, of course, but if those improvements could be tacked onto existing mobile efforts, marketers have a huge opportunity here.
InMarket, an ad platform that now focuses on mobile and beacons, rolled out one of the biggest networks of these proximity-sensitive devices to retail shoppers earlier this year and has continued to expand its installs. InMarket conducted the study in a controlled sample of 25,000 shoppers over 30 days in April and May of this year, using apps that had its Mobile to Mortar framework installed."

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