Monday, 2 December 2013

79% of Britons multi-screen

"According to a new study by GAME, millions of Brits are now ‘double screening’ regularly, by watching television whilst playing computer games or texting and tweeting from a mobile phone or iPad at the same time.
Researchers found that our love of interacting and sharing with others during TV shows has led eight in ten Brits to now use a phone, tablet or laptop to share their opinions online about the programme they are viewing.
Almost half also admitted to triple screening – watching TV at the same time as texting on a phone whilst playing on a tablet or laptop – GAME researchers found.
Reasons for the trend in multiple screening included 30% of people saying they were so busy felt the need to do all these things at once, while 36% admitted it’s down to the fact they get bored if they only watch TV.
The study of 2,000 Brits found that 79% regularly have evenings where they sit down in front of the TV with their phone, laptop or tablet also on their lap, with 46% saying they often operate two different gadgets at once whilst watching television. According to the data, around one in ten tweet about what’s on the TV, while 14% discuss the show with friends on Facebook.
As well as this, more than a third indulge in a spot of online shopping while watching TV, highlighting the increased popularity of easy online shopping apps on mobile devices, which can be easily operated when on the sofa watching TV."

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