Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mobile accounts for 11% of UK search spend

"Mobile search spend in the UK increased by 250% for Q1 year-on-year (YOY) as traffic on mobile devices increased four-fold, according to data from Adobe.
Mobile now accounts for 11% of all UK search spend compared to 8% in the US.
Of this, tablets alone accounted for 4.25% of UK search spend.
But despite this boom, Adobe’s Global Digital Advertising Update shows that overall search spend only increased by 2% in the UK compared to 16% in the US.
This is lower than the 30.3% YOY increase in US search ad spend reported in IgnitionOne’s Global Online Advertising report, but still shows that the industry is experiencing strong growth.
Adobe’s report suggests that the relatively low increase in UK search spend “reflects the fragile state of the European economic recovery.”"
Source:  Adobe, 10th April 2012
Note - given that the IAB report that UK search ad spend was £2.8bn in 2011, this 11% figure seems much too high.

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