Friday, 29 July 2011

Vevo delivered 85m mobile video streams in the US in May 2011

"Music videos service Vevo has released a Mobile Attitudes and Usage research study that examines how people are using its mobile apps – which the company says are the fastest growing segment of its service. One finding is that 79% of Vevo’s mobile users are accessing the apps in the evenings, which Vevo is understandably keen to flag to its advertising partners as a potential shift away from broadcast TV. Vevo’s mobile users are also young: 48% are aged 18-24 according to the company. The apps have been downloaded more than 7.5 million times so far, and in May, Vevo delivered 85 million mobile video streams – up 64% month-on-month. The average user spent 53 minutes using the apps in May, and the bedroom is the most common usage location – which may explain that high stat for evening viewing. 66% of Vevo’s mobile users are male while 34% are female. Vevo is promising apps for more handsets and tablets ‘imminently’, deeper social features and also features using ‘location, presence and mobility’."
Source:  Music Ally, 27th July 2011

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