Monday, 27 September 2010

Over half a billion broadband lines are now installed globally

"In the third week of July 2010 the world passed a significant broadband milestone, half a billion lines are now installed in households and businesses globally.
“It’s only taken 11 years to get to half a billion fixed broadband lines. The internet and all that it brings has taken hold like no technology since the invention of fire. It has brought the world closer together. Improved health and education standards and ushered in a new era of research, data-sharing and cooperation.
“Finland recently took a significant step, by making broadband a legal right for its citizens, towards an entirely interconnected world. The benefits the global population will reap from the continued spread of broadband and the services and opportunities presented to them are legion The next 11 years are set to be as exciting as the last with at least another half billion broadband lines due to be added,” says Oliver Johnson, CEO of Point Topic.
At the end of June 2010 there were 498 million broadband lines and the internet service providers are collectively adding just over 1 million new lines a week at the moment."
Source:  PointTopic, 20th September 2010

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