Thursday, 12 August 2010

Chinese site Taobao sold approximately $1.3bn worth of shoes in 2009

"According to statistics from Chinese e-commerce company Taobao's "Taobao DataCube" platform, during the 7-month period from January to July 2010, Taobao transaction volume for shoe products was over RMB 7.6 bln (approx US$1.1bn). Sales of shoes on Taobao surpassed RMB 9 bln (approx US$1.3bn) in 2009, including RMB 1.1 bln (approx US$160m) in men's shoes and over RMB 4 bln (approx US$600m) in women's shoes, as well as over RMB 4 bln (approx US$600m) in athletic shoes."
Source:  Marbridge Consulting, 12th August 2010
Currency conversions done on the site on 12th August 2010

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