Thursday, 28 April 2016

Apple Music has 13m paying subscribers

"Today (April 26th) Apple announced that it has now surpassed 13 million subscribers.
The news was revealed by CEO Tim Cook via a conference call.
What’s surprising about this milestone is just how quickly the service has managed to rack up millions of users.  It was only in February of this year that DMN announced Apple Music hitting 11 million subscribers.  To put Apple Music’s growth into perspective, Spotify took 6 years to hit 10 million paying users.
Apple Music has added another two million users in just two months.
The platform entered the music streaming market in July of last year, and has managed to hit 13 million subscribers in just 10 short months.  If Apple Music keeps growing at this rate, we will see it hitting at least 15 million subscribers by its first birthday."

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