Monday, 11 January 2016

Didi Kuaidi completed 1.43bn rides in 2015

"Chinese ridesharing and taxi app Didi Kuaidi announced a pretty startling statistic today: the company completed 1.43 billion rides in 2015. That includes 200 million rides completed in December alone. Didi says that its user base now exceeds 250 million, making it “the world’s largest mobile-based transportation platform.”
What about Uber, you might say? Well, Uber just completed its one billionth ride ever. So Uber did a billion trips between 2010 and now. Didi Kuaidi did nearly 1.5 billion in a single year.
Granted, it’s not an entirely fair comparison, as Didi’s 2015 number includes taxi rides booked through the app and bookings of all of its other services, some of which Uber doesn’t offer. But even in private-car ridesharing, data suggests Didi has 83 percent of the Chinese market, giving it a crushing lead over Uber. And since China is now the world’s biggest ridesharing market, maybe it’s no surprise that Didi is posting domestic stats that seem to outstrip Uber’s global stats."

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