Thursday, 24 April 2014

Writer Peter Jukes raised over £20,000 on Indiegogo to fund his Tweeting of the phone hacking trial

"After publishing my book I started to work as a freelance writer. I was covering the phone hacking pre-trials and hoping to do the same for the trial itself. But I quickly realized freelance work wasn’t going to cover my costs.
In the three days of the opening I tweeted as much as I could. I had planned to write articles too, but I realised I could provide more comprehensive coverage if I focused on live tweeting. I started to build a big following very quickly.
But, after three days I had to tell my Twitter followers that I couldn’t afford to keep reporting. It was then someone on Twitter suggested crowdfunding.
Initially I wasn’t keen on the idea, it felt a little like begging. But my Twitter followers encouraged me and I set up an indigogo page with a target of £4,000. I was astounded when people helped me to raise £6,362. I’ve since raised another £14,500 to help me keep tweeting until the end of the trial."
Source:  Twitter blog, 21st April 2014
See his Indiegogo page here

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