Thursday, 5 January 2012

The top 10 shows on GetGlue had 10m checkins in 2011

"Today we're presenting full-year 2011 top 10 check-in data that the GetGlue team pulled together for us, revealing more than 6 million total check-ins for shows from "The Big Bang Theory" to "The Walking Dead." [...]
CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" dominated our weekly charts for much of the fall -- right from its two-episode season premiere, when it grabbed the No. 1 check-in spot in and topped the Nielsen ratings for its night (taking the No. 1 and No. 2 spots with its back-to-back fresh episodes). Throughout the fall it also got a big check-in boost thanks to being in syndication. No surprise that it takes the top spot in our full-year 2011 chart, with nearly 1.1 million check-ins.
Only two comedies -- "Big Bang Theory" and Fox's "Glee" -- land in our Top 10, unless you count the accidentally hilarious "American Horror Story" on FX.
No reality TV made the Top 10. How nice!
"There's not one drama here without a sci-fi or supernatural aspect to it," GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold points out. "And 'American Horror Story,' the only new show for 2011 to make the Top 10, is full of paranormal intrigue.""
Source:  Data from GetGlue reported in AdAge, 4th January 2012
Follow the link to see the full top 10

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